Friday, June 4, 2010

Memories of My Graduation Day

Okay, so I didn't update yesterday. I just had no idea what to write about. I'm still not sure what to write about, but if I let it go too long, I won't ever update again, and then all my imaginary (Except you, Six! Thanks! :D) Followers will cry.

The seniors at my high school are graduating today. It makes me remember my graduation day last year...

It was pretty late before I was finally ready. I wore my shoes that I'd worn to the prom, because I thought they were awesome. I wouldn't let my mom take pictures of me before we left because we didn't have time and I hate posing for pictures unless I know I look good, which I didn't.

I didn't realize that I'd forgotten something for my sash until I arrived at the overcrowded school, and I had to wait anxiously in the gymnasium, where I was kinda freaking out about whether I'd be ready in time. My best friend tried to calm me down, but we couldn't really hang around too much. Finally, my parents arrived again with my missing adornment, and I hastily put it on in time for those silly group photos in the gymnasium where everyone's face is so small that when you get it back, you point at some vague flesh-colored spot with your hairstyle and say, "That's me!" and your friends say, "Really?"

After the group photo we milled around some more, chatting with our friends and asking, "Is my tassel on right?"
This is of the Baccalaureate ceremony, but my expression gives you   an idea of how I felt on Graduation Day.Finally it was time to file in, and a hush fell over us all. Sure, we never shut up during practices, but this was the real deal. We walked solemnly and silently, except for a few people who wouldn't shut up no matter what we were doing. Everyone looked at the person to their front's back, relying on it to lead the way. As we walked quietly into the auditorium, I found my parents and flashed a smile. Hey, just because this was a serious ceremony doesn't mean we all had to make faces like gargoyles the whole time.

This is of the Baccalaureate ceremony again, but on Graduation Day, this is what my smile must have looked like.
I was sure I was going to trip as we climbed the tiny staircase to the stage. I found my seat, and so did everyone else. After it seemed we had sat there forever, I think the music started, and then the opening remarks were made, and we laughed feebly at every attempted joke by the speakers. Then, the names started to be called. Having an 'A' name, I was towards the front of the list, but it still seemed like forever before my name was called (I was glad I had corrected their pronunciation of my last name at all the practices: they finally said it right). I should have hammed it up as I walked across the stage, but there hadn't been that many people before me, so I didn't know my competition (ha ha). I just walked austerely across, a smile plastered on my face, taking every step deliberately so I wouldn't fall on my face or fall off the stage and break my neck and then they would wheel me across the stage and I'd get my diploma but then they'd find out that I was actually brain-damaged now so they would take it back (being up on stage can do stuff to your thought process. It didn't affect me, luckily).

I shook hands with the principal and a few other people that I was too nervous to remember, and got my diploma. Then I went back to my seat in the established route, and sat through the other 400 or so students.

I never wanted to hear Pomp and Circumstance again, but to keep myself occupied, I sang the lyrics my friend's friend made up in my head:

My reindeer fly sideways
Your reindeer fly upside-down;
My reindeer fly sideways;
Your reindeer are DEAD.

(I don't know. I really don't know.)

I also became angry at myself for not being looser while walking across stage-- some of these people walked across like they were receiving a trophy for best comedian, stopping in the middle to reach their arms up in triumph. Everyone on stage laughed lightly, glad for something to break the tension. Why couldn't that have been me? I'm funny sometimes, I thought. It was also tremendously difficult to sit still that whole time. My back hurt and I wanted to swing my legs and crack my neck, and I kept shifting uncomfortably in my seat. For a person with ADHD, graduating ceremonies are nearly unbearable.

After what seemed like an eternity, it was finally over. Some of us tossed our mortarboards, but it just wasn't the same without the slow-mo and shot of all the hats in the air, and anyway then we then had to retrieve them from the floor.

We then exited the auditorium to find our family members. I wanted to say good-bye to my best friend, but she had somehow (wisely) disappeared before the impossible rush of people really got going. It was now pouring rain outside, and the lobby was so full that you couldn't even see in front of you. When we finally made it out the door, we got to our car as quickly as we could (which wasn't very quickly). Then we had to wait around for an opportunity to pull out. There was a guy parked in way that was very inconvenient. I don't remember how he was parked, but I remember that my brother was so mad that he wanted to write a note and put it on their windshield. I think he actually did it, too.

Finally we were on our way home, and I felt exhausted even though the day was only half-over.

When we got home, Mom finally got her way and got to take pictures of me in my graduation gown.
I still had braces at the time. I had braces for like 8 years, no  exaggeration.
Even though it was a strenuous ordeal, I look back on my graduation with fond memories, as I'm sure nearly everyone who has graduated does.

Look at that dork, smiling away. At least her shoes are nice.
P.S.- Also, HA. I had a legitimate reason to put "reindeer" in the labels for this post!

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