Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Entries From the Past: Introduction

Okay, so, a lot has happened since 2008.
Let's see. That guy I was always obsessing over? We got back together. Then he dumped me again for a cute, pink-haired friend of mine. But don't get me wrong; she's great.
ANYWAY it is not my intention to talk about that.
I finished high school (no really?). I was the understudy for Dolly in Annie Get Your Gun (my best friend was my overstudy. Overstudy is not a word, but I used it anyway). It was awesome.
Also was understudy for Hero in Much Ado About Nothing, which we set in the 50s. Was a bit awkward because He played Claudio, but whatever.
Had an uneventful summer.
Went to college. OHMYGOSHWHAT
And here I am in my first summer as a college student.
Anyway, I began keeping a journal in April, because I became randomly inspired to do so. So I'll be posting entries from that journal on here. At least, the entries that aren't too awfully personal. So yeah. Expect posts about stuff that happened from April to May to ensue in the coming days, nonexistent audience. Love you, incidentally.

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